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Benefits of Being A Nerd

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For those who wish to get in contact, here are the available methods.

Max Yuill
173 Riddell Street
Napier 4110
New Zealand

You can ask for my phone number with the above methods if necessary.

Looking forward to your contact!

Thank you and cheers.

Written by Max Yuill on Wednesday December 17, 2014
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From The World of Geeks

​I am a geek so to say. Some people have no idea what they are, but I will demonstrate some of the benefits on this website. I indeed, "wasted" a lot of years from my life sitting in front of the computer. But it's starting to yield results and I can say that having these skills can give you an amazing style of life. That's not so geeky afterall!

Some asked for it, so here is my gorgeus picture:

It's me, Max!

Happy reading!
Max Yuill

Written by Max Yuill on Friday June 27, 2014
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