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There is a lot of different bloggers out there in the world. Obviously not all of them are great, in fact I think that most are not much good at all. I mean, it's pretty obvious when you look at it closely. How anyone, anywhere can easily open up a blog or a website without any skills what so ever. Of course, everyone starts with the "no skills", but it's all about learning isn't it! And it simply does not fail to surprise me how many people like to take the easy way, not really being dedicated to the kind of content they produce.

Well, a good "internet friend" of mine, who lives in Japan has a whole new perspective on the issue. For him, blogging is all about helping people. I have seen so many projects of him to convince me that he is a ambitious guy. If something is his problem, is that sometimes he doesn't concentrate on one thing when he should. Instead he is going around the world, in the digital world of course, giving a hand to anyone he meets. And if somewhere, in the internet you have so many people.

Then one day, I found out that an advice on one of his blogs became extremely useful. I have a lot of international friends, and some of them are from Japan which is one of my favorite destinations in the whole wide world. A girl I liked a lot, wanted to download an app from the iTunes store. But, her Apple ID was from Japan which is why not having any download credit became a problem. So I remembered his blog and decided to visit. There it was! All the information you needed on how to get your Japanese iTunes Gift Card even if you are not in Japan. No surprise it involved getting into eBay and finding a good seller. But in his fantastic blog post that I just linked to, he tells you excatly what all the available sellers are like. Isn't that brilliant. It took like 15 minutes and my friend had her iTunes Gift Card arrive to her email. Loaded up some credit and continued to download the app.

Without this article, the whole process could have been a nighmare. Waiting for the gift card for days! Now, I am a bit of a tech fan of iTunes and Apple stuff in general, but they haven't made it very easy to say the least. Either way, thanks to the loosegaijin guy, everything was just great. Now that's what I call beautiful tech blogging. Someone who is dedicated and nows how to present information in a benefitial way.

Greetings to Japan!

Max Yuill

Written by Max Yuill on Friday August 28, 2015
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