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Second Try Made it

I had quite a lot of initial difficulties. Don't get me wrong, Bolt seems like a really nice platform to blog on. I'm just a bit of a newbie with these things and manage to lost my initial blog post. Oh well, it's life. I am not going to write something again and again. Instead I will keep on going forward to the next thing. Be happy, be positive, live to the fullest and all that! Har, har! :)

So how can a geek be bad at technical stuff? Well it's just the first time I ever blogged anything. I can do just about ANYTHING except what I am doing now. And seems I am able to do that too. So looking good.

Let me continue. I am a geek who makes a lot of money. For quite a few years, I lived in a cave.. now it's time to come out of the cave. But it's not easy. So blogging is one way, a good start so to say. Now I can order all the pizza I want. But that's not it. I want to travel to experience life. I don't have to do anything, and the money just comes to me. Such is the foundation of our society. It's not fair. Those who know to play the game right will benefit it from the most. Or more like, in the ways that they want. The way they manipulate it.

I managed to do pretty well overall. So I hope that this will be an inspiration for others to do pretty well too!



Written by Max Yuill on Monday June 30, 2014
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