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No Money, No Honey They Say

I guess most people have heard the expression, "No Money, No Honey" at least once in their lives. Sometimes I feel like it's some kind of conspiracy someone is trying to feed us. Making us believe that having money is all there is, and the way to make life successful is only through financial means. Well, even though I am in the plans of making some good bucks in my life. I still don't think that money is everything. In fact, I wanted to make clear one point, that one of the biggest reasons I want to make a good living is that I can forget about it. Having money really has it's benefits, but you can really put them to use once you are not obsessed about it.

It's a big responsability, and you really start thinking if what you are doing has a good effect for this world and the future generations to come. But, that is the second challenge that I am so looking for. I never saw anything that would not surprise me much, instead all I could experience was a feeling of hightened nerdy stuff. At least that was the experience for me in the past.

Now, I am set to create something that's nerdy as well as balanced with nature. Something I can be happy with for many years to come until it's time for me to step on to the next world. But I won't go that far in this story, for now. Instead I want to say that there is honey, even without money. Just don't get obsessed and you'll be fine!



Written by Max Yuill on Saturday January 3, 2015
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