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More Ways for Tech Affiliate Profit in Japan

Not only have I been recently obsessed with ways to make money online, but also I want to combine it with a passion of mine. If I think of things that I really want to do in life, it's usually related to travel and this time Japan. As a big focus in my life in recent years besides China, this country is also a booming place for business. Besides that it's a country that is well known for high technology. Now what could be a better combination than that, at least for someone like me!

So this Max person started looking for affiliate opportunities and found the Amazon store which is also very active in Japan. Unfortunately I had great problems registering to the website, which is why i started looking for alternatives. But no matter how hard I looked there was no other option that would cator the international crowd as much. Therefore it was pretty obvious for me to try again to register to this program known as the "Amazon Associates Japan", but no matter how I tried they would not accept my website. With little clues of what to do and a lot of searching around I found the perfect help from here, which has went into detailed explanation over the issue. There is really no other such informative article on the internet that exists, so I really want to thank Tim from Kachi for taking the time and trouble to write it.

I ended up creating a Japanese blog for myself, on another blogging website called 'Ameblo'. It's probably the most popular blogging portal in the country and there it's very easy to start a website for free. For some strange reason, with all the same submission details and simply a new website that was in Japanese.. I got it and they accepted me to the program. I couldn't be more happy and thankfull to the guy, and you can also check out his website at it's very nice.

Now I am thinking what I can do with this new associates program. Mainly my interest is in presenting Japanese products to westerners and explain to them how they can order from there with international mail. It's quite easy and the collection of stuff that is available is simply mind blowing. I have been a customer for about a year now, and now that my habit has become quite serious already, it would help a lot if I can make some money out of it too. The Amazon itself is located at and there are some links on how you can access the pages in English. However, it would require translation to get the actual product discriptions in your own, native language. Hope this helps to motivate others too. Affiliate marketing should be fun and passionate, not just a way to make people buy things they don't need.

Good luck,
Max Geek

Written by Max Yuill on Friday October 9, 2015
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