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More Than Money Doing What You Want

Yeah, I know I said that I am rather proud of having made a small fortune with online business. But it's not all just that, it's a life time. It's a way of not putting up with idiotic bosses that just want to make the world miserable together with their miseries. It's a way to become truly independent and enjoy life. Not about how much you make, because that is included in the same trap of working from 8-5 everyday.

Where it started for me, was doing what I liked. It kind of came naturally to me, that whenever there was something I dislike I was not very good at it. Or I could not do well in it, including school! There were so many things I hated around me, that I started to think that I was stupid, that I couldn't perform well enough. Was there something wrong with me?

Hell no! There was something wrong with society, and as soon as I started to find things that I really wanted to do.. I realized, I could be very good in many things. I'm sure it's not just me, it must be for everyone. But some of the most brilliant people on this earth are doing really well in stuff they hate. So just imagine what they could accomplish by doing what they want!

These are still baby steps, but perhaps the most important baby step in lifes road.

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Written by Max Yuill on Thursday July 10, 2014
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