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Mad Busy is Good & iTunes Downloads

Yes, it's been mad busy but like my mum always used to say. If I don't hear from you, I assume that it's because you are having such a great time and that you are doing fine. In other words, that's called trust. If I would contact her, probably there is some problem most of the time. She was absolutely right. This has been definitely one of those moments. I remember last Summer being exited about writing about my experiences, but have been totally absorbed in them until this winter.

How much I am going to reveal to the public is still mostly undecided. I am still very much in the absorbing mode. Downloading all the podcast, documentaries I can related to business and things. Books as well. Studying is equally if not even more important than doing itself. I found a great source of information from one slightly unlikely place, iTunes. But much to my fustration, a lot of the concent is restricted to US only. What I needed, was to get a US iTunes Store Account and wiggle myself around all that to finally be able to download cool stuff from the states. Why iTunes is doing this, I sometimes wonder.. but having dislike or not, the store has become a massive database of not just information but culture and wisdom. Along with the usual useless stuff as well of course.

So I got my hands on this documentary video that I downloaded. It told us about the bad state our economy is in. How the nature is being destroyed and so on. That got me addicted and I wanted more and more documentaries to watch. Besides that I always check some of the information out, to verify it's validy. And after a long time of doing this, I have come to certain conclusions. Such as that I want to do something.

But being a nerd, does have it's limitations. I am not a very socially skillful guy. But what I can do, is design and run webpages, servers, code. Just how to utilize all this, that's the important question here. So I am thinking to start off some web pages to see what kind of attitude I need to make an actual change. I guess it's just the spread of information I am after. And internet is perfect with that.

Should be great.


Written by Max Yuill on Wednesday December 17, 2014
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