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China Money Making Model with Nightlife Show Acrobatics

I'm always on the look for ways to make money, especially if they are alternative or not. Comission has always been interesting for me, because it gives you a possibility to sell something with very little responsability. But because of this, there are still many businesses do not accept this model, thinking that the burden of responsability should entitle them to get all the profit. In China if somewhere, people think that anyone who is in between or within any part of helping to grow business should be rewarded. For me, that's really a kind of style that I like. Something that took me to travel to China, especially the capital of Beijing.

One such company, is the acclaimed and hugely popular acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theater that I have been honored to visit several times. I even know some of the had people there and have talked to them about they way they are making money. In the west, they call it outsourcing, in the east, it's creating a circle of trust. Similar to the acrobatic show itself, these people have a lot of trust in between each other. It is that, which holds things together and makes things move. Everyone know that Chinese love to talk, and so I have really seen a huge manifestation of words within the country. It's really thanks to the fact that the people in Beijing love to open their mouths, that a lot of things are being done in that country. To see that live, and manifest into something as wonderful as the Chaoyang Theater.. is simply amazing!

As for their comission model, a lot of companies are helping them to bring huge amounts of tourists. But it's not just the money that is motivating, it's also the fact that this show is one of the best performances in the whole country. I want to be a part of something like that.. and I am now actively looking for something that can take me to such heights.

Wish me luck! Thanks, Max Geek.

Written by Max Yuill on Tuesday January 6, 2015
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