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Being a Geek not so Geeky

I think the concept of being a geep has changed tremendously. Some people think that they have some kind of oblication towards fighting these kind of geeky tendencies of not getting a woman, poor health and all the other predujistic crap that comes with that very concept. It couldn't be further away from today's reality, and is indeed a really old way of thinking.

The truth of the fact is, that nowadays most geeks have very normal lives. They are married, they stay healthy and have a good income. In general, the majority of so called "geeks" have a good standard of living. In fact, I know so many people that have turned to healthy choices in life in order to take balance with their work with computers for example. So in a way, having the knowledge of how to use technology and computers, can be considered benefitial in discovering knowledge that helps you live a good life.

So being a geek, is not so geeky after all. As for the meaning of "geeky", however.. that's another story and another word. So if you want to call me a geek, I always say: "Please, go ahead!".

No so geeky greetings,
Your friend, Max Yuill.

Written by Max Yuill on Wednesday January 14, 2015
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