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More Ways for Tech Affiliate Profit in Japan

Not only have I been recently obsessed with ways to make money online, but also I want to combine it with a passion of mine. If I think of things that I really want to do in life, it's usually related to travel and this time Japan. As a big focus in my life in recent years besides China, this country is also a booming place for business. Besides that it's a country that is well known for high technology. Now what could be a better combination than that, at least for someone like me!

So this Max person started looking for affiliate opportunities and found the Amazon store which is also very active in Japan. Unfortunately I had great problems registering to the website, which is why i started looking for alternatives. But no matter how hard I looked there was no other option that would cator the international crowd as much. Therefore it was pretty obvious for me to try again to register to this program known as the "Amazon Associates Japan", but no matter how I tried they would not accept my website. With little clues of what to do and a lot of searching around I found the perfect help from here, which has went into detailed explanation over the issue. There is really no other such informative article on the internet that exists, so I really want to thank Tim from Kachi for taking the time and trouble to write it.

I ended up creating a Japanese blog for myself, on another blogging website called 'Ameblo'. It's probably the most popular blogging portal in the country and there it's very easy to start a website for free. For some strange reason, with all the same submission details and simply a new website that was in Japanese.. I got it and they accepted me to the program. I couldn't be more happy and thankfull to the guy, and you can also check out his website at it's very nice.

Now I am thinking what I can do with this new associates program. Mainly my interest is in presenting Japanese products to westerners and explain to them how they can order from there with international mail. It's quite easy and the collection of stuff that is available is simply mind blowing. I have been a customer for about a year now, and now that my habit has become quite serious already, it would help a lot if I can make some money out of it too. The Amazon itself is located at and there are some links on how you can access the pages in English. However, it would require translation to get the actual product discriptions in your own, native language. Hope this helps to motivate others too. Affiliate marketing should be fun and passionate, not just a way to make people buy things they don't need.

Good luck,
Max Geek

Written by Max Yuill on Friday October 9, 2015
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Tech Blogging is Beautiful

There is a lot of different bloggers out there in the world. Obviously not all of them are great, in fact I think that most are not much good at all. I mean, it's pretty obvious when you look at it closely. How anyone, anywhere can easily open up a blog or a website without any skills what so ever. Of course, everyone starts with the "no skills", but it's all about learning isn't it! And it simply does not fail to surprise me how many people like to take the easy way, not really being dedicated to the kind of content they produce.

Well, a good "internet friend" of mine, who lives in Japan has a whole new perspective on the issue. For him, blogging is all about helping people. I have seen so many projects of him to convince me that he is a ambitious guy. If something is his problem, is that sometimes he doesn't concentrate on one thing when he should. Instead he is going around the world, in the digital world of course, giving a hand to anyone he meets. And if somewhere, in the internet you have so many people.

Then one day, I found out that an advice on one of his blogs became extremely useful. I have a lot of international friends, and some of them are from Japan which is one of my favorite destinations in the whole wide world. A girl I liked a lot, wanted to download an app from the iTunes store. But, her Apple ID was from Japan which is why not having any download credit became a problem. So I remembered his blog and decided to visit. There it was! All the information you needed on how to get your Japanese iTunes Gift Card even if you are not in Japan. No surprise it involved getting into eBay and finding a good seller. But in his fantastic blog post that I just linked to, he tells you excatly what all the available sellers are like. Isn't that brilliant. It took like 15 minutes and my friend had her iTunes Gift Card arrive to her email. Loaded up some credit and continued to download the app.

Without this article, the whole process could have been a nighmare. Waiting for the gift card for days! Now, I am a bit of a tech fan of iTunes and Apple stuff in general, but they haven't made it very easy to say the least. Either way, thanks to the loosegaijin guy, everything was just great. Now that's what I call beautiful tech blogging. Someone who is dedicated and nows how to present information in a benefitial way.

Greetings to Japan!

Max Yuill

Written by Max Yuill on Friday August 28, 2015
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Being a Geek not so Geeky

I think the concept of being a geep has changed tremendously. Some people think that they have some kind of oblication towards fighting these kind of geeky tendencies of not getting a woman, poor health and all the other predujistic crap that comes with that very concept. It couldn't be further away from today's reality, and is indeed a really old way of thinking.

The truth of the fact is, that nowadays most geeks have very normal lives. They are married, they stay healthy and have a good income. In general, the majority of so called "geeks" have a good standard of living. In fact, I know so many people that have turned to healthy choices in life in order to take balance with their work with computers for example. So in a way, having the knowledge of how to use technology and computers, can be considered benefitial in discovering knowledge that helps you live a good life.

So being a geek, is not so geeky after all. As for the meaning of "geeky", however.. that's another story and another word. So if you want to call me a geek, I always say: "Please, go ahead!".

No so geeky greetings,
Your friend, Max Yuill.

Written by Max Yuill on Wednesday January 14, 2015
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China Money Making Model with Nightlife Show Acrobatics

I'm always on the look for ways to make money, especially if they are alternative or not. Comission has always been interesting for me, because it gives you a possibility to sell something with very little responsability. But because of this, there are still many businesses do not accept this model, thinking that the burden of responsability should entitle them to get all the profit. In China if somewhere, people think that anyone who is in between or within any part of helping to grow business should be rewarded. For me, that's really a kind of style that I like. Something that took me to travel to China, especially the capital of Beijing.

One such company, is the acclaimed and hugely popular acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theater that I have been honored to visit several times. I even know some of the had people there and have talked to them about they way they are making money. In the west, they call it outsourcing, in the east, it's creating a circle of trust. Similar to the acrobatic show itself, these people have a lot of trust in between each other. It is that, which holds things together and makes things move. Everyone know that Chinese love to talk, and so I have really seen a huge manifestation of words within the country. It's really thanks to the fact that the people in Beijing love to open their mouths, that a lot of things are being done in that country. To see that live, and manifest into something as wonderful as the Chaoyang Theater.. is simply amazing!

As for their comission model, a lot of companies are helping them to bring huge amounts of tourists. But it's not just the money that is motivating, it's also the fact that this show is one of the best performances in the whole country. I want to be a part of something like that.. and I am now actively looking for something that can take me to such heights.

Wish me luck! Thanks, Max Geek.

Written by Max Yuill on Tuesday January 6, 2015
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No Money, No Honey They Say

I guess most people have heard the expression, "No Money, No Honey" at least once in their lives. Sometimes I feel like it's some kind of conspiracy someone is trying to feed us. Making us believe that having money is all there is, and the way to make life successful is only through financial means. Well, even though I am in the plans of making some good bucks in my life. I still don't think that money is everything. In fact, I wanted to make clear one point, that one of the biggest reasons I want to make a good living is that I can forget about it. Having money really has it's benefits, but you can really put them to use once you are not obsessed about it.

It's a big responsability, and you really start thinking if what you are doing has a good effect for this world and the future generations to come. But, that is the second challenge that I am so looking for. I never saw anything that would not surprise me much, instead all I could experience was a feeling of hightened nerdy stuff. At least that was the experience for me in the past.

Now, I am set to create something that's nerdy as well as balanced with nature. Something I can be happy with for many years to come until it's time for me to step on to the next world. But I won't go that far in this story, for now. Instead I want to say that there is honey, even without money. Just don't get obsessed and you'll be fine!



Written by Max Yuill on Saturday January 3, 2015
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Mad Busy is Good & iTunes Downloads

Yes, it's been mad busy but like my mum always used to say. If I don't hear from you, I assume that it's because you are having such a great time and that you are doing fine. In other words, that's called trust. If I would contact her, probably there is some problem most of the time. She was absolutely right. This has been definitely one of those moments. I remember last Summer being exited about writing about my experiences, but have been totally absorbed in them until this winter.

How much I am going to reveal to the public is still mostly undecided. I am still very much in the absorbing mode. Downloading all the podcast, documentaries I can related to business and things. Books as well. Studying is equally if not even more important than doing itself. I found a great source of information from one slightly unlikely place, iTunes. But much to my fustration, a lot of the concent is restricted to US only. What I needed, was to get a US iTunes Store Account and wiggle myself around all that to finally be able to download cool stuff from the states. Why iTunes is doing this, I sometimes wonder.. but having dislike or not, the store has become a massive database of not just information but culture and wisdom. Along with the usual useless stuff as well of course.

So I got my hands on this documentary video that I downloaded. It told us about the bad state our economy is in. How the nature is being destroyed and so on. That got me addicted and I wanted more and more documentaries to watch. Besides that I always check some of the information out, to verify it's validy. And after a long time of doing this, I have come to certain conclusions. Such as that I want to do something.

But being a nerd, does have it's limitations. I am not a very socially skillful guy. But what I can do, is design and run webpages, servers, code. Just how to utilize all this, that's the important question here. So I am thinking to start off some web pages to see what kind of attitude I need to make an actual change. I guess it's just the spread of information I am after. And internet is perfect with that.

Should be great.


Written by Max Yuill on Wednesday December 17, 2014
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Where it All Started

It all stared with porn banners. Yes, there has been a lot of porn on the internet since the founding days. And some of the very first affiliate programs were those of porn sites. I was a kid back then, not THAT much into porn butt yeh. Who wouldn't be a bit. More than porn, I was into money. I wanted to buy loads of computer hardware but didn't have enough income. I was working in a dirty computer parts store, after 8 hour school days. I would go to work after school ended, and leave at about nine in the evening going back home totally exhausted. This is  no ordinary way of life for a 13year old.

Well anyway, this was not enough to fund my computer "hobby", so I figure out how to make money with porn banners. All you needed was to get a lot of people visit your sites.. We were using altavista back then (before Google) and had no idea about SEO. In fact, I couldn't even dream of affording to buy a domain or anything like that. Instead we used free web hosts to make crappy "porn sites" that had banners on them.

The way I got a lot of people visit my website was through IRC. Yes, I was spamming the hell out of it. I had a script that was sending a message to everyone who joined the channel saying "check out some porn, visit my site here". And 90% of these, were Italians. I had no idea why, but there were so many horny Italians on IRC. Thanks to them I could buy my first CD-burner! Way before CD-RW. The speed was 2X. It took an hour to burn one 700Mb CD. It was amazing, and not many people had such a machine back then!


Written by Max Yuill on Sunday July 20, 2014
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More Than Money Doing What You Want

Yeah, I know I said that I am rather proud of having made a small fortune with online business. But it's not all just that, it's a life time. It's a way of not putting up with idiotic bosses that just want to make the world miserable together with their miseries. It's a way to become truly independent and enjoy life. Not about how much you make, because that is included in the same trap of working from 8-5 everyday.

Where it started for me, was doing what I liked. It kind of came naturally to me, that whenever there was something I dislike I was not very good at it. Or I could not do well in it, including school! There were so many things I hated around me, that I started to think that I was stupid, that I couldn't perform well enough. Was there something wrong with me?

Hell no! There was something wrong with society, and as soon as I started to find things that I really wanted to do.. I realized, I could be very good in many things. I'm sure it's not just me, it must be for everyone. But some of the most brilliant people on this earth are doing really well in stuff they hate. So just imagine what they could accomplish by doing what they want!

These are still baby steps, but perhaps the most important baby step in lifes road.

Take care people,


Written by Max Yuill on Thursday July 10, 2014
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Second Try Made it

I had quite a lot of initial difficulties. Don't get me wrong, Bolt seems like a really nice platform to blog on. I'm just a bit of a newbie with these things and manage to lost my initial blog post. Oh well, it's life. I am not going to write something again and again. Instead I will keep on going forward to the next thing. Be happy, be positive, live to the fullest and all that! Har, har! :)

So how can a geek be bad at technical stuff? Well it's just the first time I ever blogged anything. I can do just about ANYTHING except what I am doing now. And seems I am able to do that too. So looking good.

Let me continue. I am a geek who makes a lot of money. For quite a few years, I lived in a cave.. now it's time to come out of the cave. But it's not easy. So blogging is one way, a good start so to say. Now I can order all the pizza I want. But that's not it. I want to travel to experience life. I don't have to do anything, and the money just comes to me. Such is the foundation of our society. It's not fair. Those who know to play the game right will benefit it from the most. Or more like, in the ways that they want. The way they manipulate it.

I managed to do pretty well overall. So I hope that this will be an inspiration for others to do pretty well too!



Written by Max Yuill on Monday June 30, 2014
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